Willie Revillame's Handsome Grandson To Merryl Soriano Trends in Socmed

It has always been acknowledged that the host of Wowowin, Willie Revillame has this charm to people and his audience. What more of how his children and grandchildren would become in the future. Just how the netizens took interest with Willie Revillame’s grandson, Elijah Palanca.
Elijah Palanca is the son of Willie’s daughter, Meryll Soriano to former husband Bernard Palanca. Right now, Meryll is trying to raise her son on her own, away from Elijah’s father. But she does not hold anything against Elijah’s father.

She is even close with another ex-partner of Bernard, which is Jerika Ejercito, and the same with Elijah, he is also close with his half-brother, Isaiah. Raising Elijah seem to be easy with Meryll because they are able to establish this special closeness together.

Meryll would often call her baby, “Eli” or “Boo”. She makes sure to give time to her son, and at the same time spend time with his grandfather, Willie. At an early age, Elijah is already very fond of doing sketches showing his artistic side, and he is also fond of writing stories. In fact, Meryll proudly shared that he was already able to write a script of his own story. So, we are seeing here a writer in the making.

Just recently, Meryll launched their own YouTube channel which they titled, “The Curious Two” to share their adventures together. Because Eli is such an adventurous kid, he skates, he also never afraid to ride a plane, or try something new.

The two always spend time together, and aside from the genes, the feature of Eli is already starting to look like more of Meryll than his father. Even the times when Meryll does her work out, she would definitely have Eli by her side as her work out buddy.

What is amusing about this mother-daughter bond is Meryll is very supportive of her son, and she shared that her son will be releasing his own clothing line which he named, “Booboo”. His first collection is named, “Roar” where the designs are inspired from Eli’s sketches back when he was still a kid. And the interesting part there is the mother was able to keep copies of it. But with Eli’s looks, do you think he can qualify as a businessman? A writer? Or a future actor?

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