Zeinab Harake 24 Hours Jowa Challenge Elicits Different Reactions

The 24-hour jowa challenge had been one of the trending activities now online where someone is going to ask a boy or a girl if he or she can complete the challenge of being a boyfriend or girlfriend for 24 hours.

Hashtag Wilbert Ross and a popular vlogger known as Baby Zebb recently went viral on different social media platforms because of their 24-hour jowa challenge video.  It has elicited comments and reactions from people as many of the viewers noticed their chemistry on screen and that they really make a beautiful couple.

At first, "Zeinab Harake" who already gained more than 370,000 subscribers on her YouTube account wanted to do the "24-hour jowa challenge" with someone but unfortunately she could not make it possible according to her that is why she tried asking one of the members of the popular boy group in the afternoon program of the Kapamilya network, It’s Showtime, “The Hashtags”. He was later known as Wilbert Ross who had a lot of fans because of his amazing talent and skills in singing and in dancing.

And because he had his prior commitment in “It’s Showtime”, they decided to go to the show as a part of their challenge. There, Baby Zebby supported Hashtag Wilbert on his rehearsals and as the show goes on. They really looked good together and they were even teased by other members of Hashtags to kiss each other. After Wilbert’s performance in the show, he has a meeting to attend to that is why he finished it first before going out again with Baby Zebby.

They actually prefer calling each other “love”, it was their sign of endearment being a couple for 24 hours. They had also tried some games in an arcade and they seem to really enjoy it. As their challenge was coming to its end, the excitement and the “kilig” was really there. Though some people noticed their chemistry, it was just a challenge and they will soon be saying goodbye to each other.  Their 24-hour jowa challenge video already reached 1.2 million views as of this writing.
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