Babaji and His Handsome Special Someone Trends On Social Media

Babaji and his foreigner suitor took social media by storm because of their cute and sweet photos together. Those pictures earned enormous likes and reactions from the netizens. Their sweet photos were shared by a certain Facebook page. According to the post, the Italian guy is actually courting Babaji! Their photos together immediately went viral on different social media platforms as many people were very surprised about the truth behind their relationship status.

The Facebook page that shared their photos was later known as the “Teens On Line Gorgeoustar Talent Agency Facebook Page” and “Hugot Beki Facebook Page” and it actually reached 18,000 shares. There was even a live video interview with the handsome Italian guy who actually knew how to speak Tagalog, he clarified things that he is still courting Babaji. He also added that they are communicating on social media for about three months already.

A lot of people were inspired by their closeness despite their differences but there were actually some netizens who were not convinced about their genuine relationship and were thinking that maybe they were just friends. Some netizens also commented that Babaji is one lucky human to have such handsome and amazing suitor. Many of them couldn’t believe that Babaji can actually have a suitor like him because of his physical appearance and the fact that he was also a man in the eyes of many just like the Italian guy. According to the live video, it had been their first time being together and they just instantly became comfortable with each other.

Though, many people throw negative comments on them, there were still some people who expressed their support and love to them as most of them believed that true love doesn’t really depend on the physical appearance, age, or even social status of people because it is something that only our hearts and our souls can define.

In our society today, that many people were defined by the standard norm of the community and the perception of the people around them on what they are doing and who they really are it was always a good thing that there were still some people who are reasonable enough to open their minds and their hearts about the differences of people. Babaji and his Italian suitor may be different in skin color, and their physical features but we can never tell anyone to love nor not to love someone, it is and will always be their own choices.

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