Jessy Mendiola's Wedding Gown Earned Different Reactions From Netizens

One of the most awaited part of weddings which needs a painful attention to details would always be the bride’s wedding dress. It would be one of the wonderful highlights of a wedding where people would look at the bride with awe as she walks the aisle towards the man she will marry. And so, it should be something remarkable and beautiful.

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano’s relationship has been no secret, and at this point in their life, it will not be a problem if they have already decided to tie the knot and settle down because they are already on the age to get married.

There has been a video uploaded where Luis Manzano was holding his camera phone while he asked Jessy what they are talking about. Jessy answered, it is about the color theme of the wedding. And when Luis followed up on which wedding would it be, she replied, it will be theirs, and a peck on the cheek as the video ended.

So, is it a signal that the two is already on their wedding preparations? But there is no announcement yet on their engagement, or news that Luis already proposed to Jessy for marriage. Maybe starting with preparations and planning first will do no harm.

Just recently Jessy uploaded a photo of her on a wedding gown designed by the famous wedding gown artist, Jo Rubio. The gown fitted her perfectly complimenting her short hair that she indeed looked like a princess bride, as how she captioned the photo she uploaded.

It is an off-shoulder ball gown, where it has stones that looked very much glittery, and it would definitely look good on Jessy if she will consider this as her wedding dress. Unfortunately, if there are netizens who appreciated Jessy on this wedding dress, some on the other hand was not able to help themselves and still commented harsh words against her, pertaining to the issue between Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano.Well, let this be happy for Jessy as she plans with Luis for their special day, and nom matter what may happen, still LOVE WINS. What do you think?

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