Flow G and Pastillas Girl First Ever Date : Inulan ng Kamalasan

Angelica Jane Yap is a 25-year-old vlogger and internet sensation. She was known before as the “Pastillas Girl” in “It’s Showtime”. She is also a mofel in the Philippines. Recently, she had made rounds on different social media platforms as she features on her vlog her very first date with “Flow G”. As of this writing, the viral video already earned 1,036,735 views already which was posted last October 18, 2019.

Even before their date began, Flow G. had bumped Pastillas Girl’s car into the water meter of a residential area that is why they needed to settle it first at the barangay hall with the barangay captain and the barangay officials. “Flow G.” had even left his phone on the Grab vehicle he rented. He was even caught by an MMDA official along the way. “Flow G.” even commented that her car has bad luck because of their epic fail date.

They found the Grab driver who had returned Flow G’s phone to him. They went to San Agustin Church and they had witnessed an amazing wedding. They also went to Fort Santiago together holding each other’s hands. They tried not to spend so much on their date as many young people nowadays tend to go in these kinds of places during their dates. They also bought ice cream and had tasted each other’s ice cream. Flow G wanted to try a pastillas flavored ice cream but it was not available at the moment. They also had a chance to ride a pedicab for free.

After their Intramuros trip, they head out for dinner and as they were driving to the place, “Pastillas Girl” gave flowers to Flow G’s. Instead of eating out in a fancy restaurant, they dine in a popular food establishment with unli-rice and unli-soup. They had also tried eating with their bare hands. After eating, they encountered very heavy rain. They really had been fun together with their very first date. Their fans and supporters were also very happy to watch their videos together. Angelica Yap”s YouTube channel already has 597 thousand subscribers.
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