Jelai Andres, Jon Gutierez , Does Team Jolai Together Again?

We can never say that marriage or any relationships nowadays doesn’t have any problems at all! Somewhere along the way, there will be something that may challenge the relationship. Some of those relationships didn’t have a chance to overcome such challenges in life because the people involved chose to give up already. But most of them had actually surpassed everything as they rely on one other in solving their problems.

It was known to the public that the celebrity couple and internet sensations Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez had experienced a very hard challenge in their life. According to some reports, Jelai discovered Jon’s faithfulness even before their marriage but she still trusted him and give him another chance. When they finally tied the knot, just a few months after, Jelai was surprised to know that her husband was having an affair with another woman and that really hurt her.

From then on, she didn’t give her husband to explain his side and closed all her doors for forgiveness and possible reconciliation. Jelai revealed in one of her interviews that she had been very depressed before and she didn’t give Jon any chance of explaining himself or even asking for forgiveness.

She also added that she just ignore everything he does for them to be okay and whenever he sends a bouquet of flowers for her, she would just ignore them. But there was a time when she finally opened her heart and mind for her husband and they are now talking about important matters especially when it comes to their properties but not more than that.

But now, it was just recently when a video of the couple went viral on different social media platforms. Jelai was in an event while her husband Jon was cheering for her and supporting her at the back of the camera. Speculations about the couple being together again surfaced online and a lot of their fans and supporters could not help but be happy for the both of them and wished that this will be the beginning of their friendship, forgiveness and somehow being able to save their marriage.
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