Marjorie Barretto Finally Speaks Up Regarding the Issue With Gretchen

We all know that the Barretto sisters are not in good terms. In fact, even in front of the President, Gretchen and Marjorie had their uncontrollable moments. And yes! It was caught on videos and got viral on social media.

Just like any other story, there are two sides. Since the issue got viral and many netizens have watched the viral video, Gretchen and Marjorie shared their sides in their  social media accounts. People should listen to both sides, not just one. 


 The latest update with the issue is the interview of the news anchor Karen Davila to Marjorie Barretto. The interview goes well and Marjorie was able to explain her side and expressed her disappointments.

In the interview, Marjorie said that she is for reconciliation. She also said that if Gretchen visited their father in the hospital without a camera, without the president, Marjorie will be the first one to hug her sister Gretchen. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

“Mr. President, I respect you, I loved you, I voted for you, pasensya na po di kita mapagbibigyan” This was the answer of Marjorie Barretto when she was asked by the President to reconcile with her sister Gretchen Barretto. Digging deeper why Marjorie said that? Because according to her, at that very moment, she saw Gretchen face but never saw the sincerity. In the middle part of the interview, Marjorie made it clear that she ended up well with the President. “I have to tell this story, na maayos kami nag end ng President, “Marjorie said while explaining what happened.

Before the end of the interview, Karen Davila ask Marjorie “Di k aba napapagod ?” And Marjorie answered ““Ako, gusto ko ibalik ‘yung tanong kay Gretchen: Kailan ka ba mapapagod? When will you start healing? I pray for healing. I sincerely pray for healing.”

Now that you’ve watched and listened to Marjorie’s side. What do you think? Do you think that there still a chance the Barretto sisters will reconcile in the future? Feel free to comment and share your opinion. We will be happy to read it.
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