Meaning of Purple SKy in Japan Goes Viral

Many of us have heard about the coming strong and as Super Typhoon which will strike Japanese people, the residents, as well as the people surrounding the main island in Honshu had prepared themselves for the possibility of the strongest typhoon to ever land Japan in 60 years! The Super Typhoon was named “Hagibis” which means “speed” and it was expected to land on October 12. For us to be able to know about how strong Super Typhoons it was said to be equivalent to five typhoons already, it also has a measurement of 1,400 km in diameter, and its wind measures up to 240 km/h.

Japan Meteorological Agency advised all the people to be ready for strong waves, and heavy rains. According to the agency officials, the said typhoon could bring a record-level rainfall and winds. It was just last month when Japan experienced Typhoon Faxai which had left 930,000 establishments without electricity. As many of the residents prepare for the upcoming calamity, their skies seem to be giving a warning to each and every one of them as well. Most of the people posted on their respective social media account the photos of the purple-colored sky in Japan.

The event was known as “scattering”. According to some reports, atoms or molecules which are exposed to light absorb light energy and re-emit light in different directions with different intensity, this phenomenon, called scattering. It is a general physical process where some forms of radiation, such as light, sound, or moving particles, are forced to deviate from a straight trajectory by one or more paths due to localized non-uniformities in the medium through which they pass. In conventional use, this also includes a deviation of reflected radiation from the angle predicted by the law of reflection. Reflections that undergo scattering are often called diffuse reflections and unscattered reflections are called specular (mirror-like) reflections.

Scattering may also refer to particle-particle collisions between molecules, atoms, electrons, photons and other particles. Examples include cosmic ray scattering in the Earth's upper atmosphere; particle collisions inside particle accelerators; electron scattering by gas atoms in fluorescent lamps; and neutron scattering inside nuclear reactors.

Because of this event, a lot of people used the hashtag “#PrayforJapan” and it actually became one of the most trending Tweets on Twitter.

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