Rich Parojinog AKA Mister Pastillas Answers "BAKIT DI SILA NAGKATULUYAN?"

Angelica Jane Yap rose to prominence after she became part of "It's Showtime" as "Pastillas Girl" in 2015. She hilariously channeled her anger for being left behind by a guy who didn’t treat her well in a video as she makes sweets. Numerous opportunities came her way after her stint in the noontime show. Today, though she might not be visible on TV, Angelica has been keeping her fans updated about her whereabouts via social media.

The 25-year-old internet celebrity already has her own YouTube channel with more than 678,000 subscribers. Her recent video together with Mr. Pastillas also known as Chard Parojinog already garnered a total of 385,365 views as of this writing. A lot of their fans and supporters were very delighted to see together again on-screen.

The two of them were both included in one of the segments of It’s Showtime where Ms. Pastillas search for her Mr. Pastillas and Chard was actually the one who won her heart. She also revealed that one of the best things that she loved about him is that he loves his mother so much, and that is one of the best things she has seen from a guy like him.

She also clarified things about the real score between the two of them four years ago. Pastillas girl revealed that they have been very close to each other at that time but she was still waiting for him to confess about his real feelings towards her, but Chard, on the other hand, was very afraid to tell her his true feelings. They admitted that they really fell for each other, that they care for each other and expresses love to each other but the words were really hard for them to say.

But despite the fact that they have been each other’s “TOTGA”, short for “the one that got away, they were still very happy and blessed to have each other in their life. They also shared some of their funniest experiences, their crazy moments when they were in a parade and yet they were crying at the back of the car, and all the things they had experienced in life which shaped them into the best version of themselves now.
Rich Parojinog AKA Mister Pastillas Answers "BAKIT DI SILA NAGKATULUYAN?" Rich Parojinog AKA Mister Pastillas Answers "BAKIT DI SILA NAGKATULUYAN?" Reviewed by Boom on 7:07 AM Rating: 5

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