Young Make Up Artist Buys A Brand New BMW For Her Birthday

For many people, owning a brand new car is a dream come true. But would you believe that a 12 years old girl was able to bought her own car using her own money. Take note , that her brand new car is an expensive BMW. How did she able to afford such luxurious car? Continue reading

meet the incredible and talented Nathanan. She was just a normal kid who loves to do make up. She learned how to do make up at the age of 3. Everything is quite normal until Nathannan mom uploaded a video of this wonderful girl while doing make up for her mom. They couldn’t really believe that the video will surface on different social media platforms and that people will love to watch a lot more videos of them.

Many netizens noticed that theshe  has a great gift and talent that is why a lot more netizens become interested in their videos which garnered an enormous number of positive comments and reactions from the public. She even had her own channel which already has 270,000 subscribers online. After several years, the cute and adorable little girl becomes a professional make-up artist earning her own money.

It was on April 9 when she surprised a lot of people as she had brought her own BMW with her own money! Amazing, isn’t? Nathannan shared a photo of her own car with a red ribbon on top. She captioned her photo about how grateful she was for everything she is experiencing now. And because she will be celebrating her 12th birthday this year, she brought herself a brand new BMW as a gift. A lot of people are amazed and inspired by this hardworking and talented make up artist
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