Get To Know More About The Viral Singing Girl "My G These Allergies"

Social media has been a great platform for so many things we can ever think of. We usually see how businesses trends online because of it, from online food businesses to clothing businesses, travels and a lot more kinds of businesses. Aside from it, we can also use social media as a way of communicating with our families and relatives who are living in faraway provinces or countries. There may be a lot of distance between them but their hearts can easily be connected through social media.

But more than anything else, it has also been a platform for a lot of people to showcase their talents and to be a great inspiration to others. Just like this young lady who recently went viral online because of her witty video wherein she tried to remain beautiful even if she was going to sneeze at that very moment. She is no other than the 17-year-old Sammi Rubia or Samantha T. Rubia in real life. Her voice is really incredible and one of a kind.

At a very tender age, she was already gifted with exemplary singing talent. She has a video when she was a kid singing “On My Own” by Les Miserables and she just sings it effortlessly at a young age! Since 2013, she devoted her talent to serving in their church’s music ministry. She grew up and studies in Davao City. She is admired because of her amazing musical performances.

Aside from her incredible talent, she is also an academic achiever for she graduated high school with honors in SPC. Aside from her “My God these allergies” viral video, she and her parents also went viral online after her parents were caught on a video “fangirling” and “fanboying” their daughter. The parents admired their daughter so much and we already know why! Sammi also loves the arts. She is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Architecture in Ateneo de Davao University. She also has a lovely and adorable pet cat. She has done a lot of amazing covers and the public could not help but admire her so much! A lot of her followers are hoping to see her pursue her singing career someday.
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