Iron Man Actor Robert Downey Jr Shows His Amazing Windmill House

We could say that we can predict one’s home or house based on their personality on how we see them. But who would have thought that the modern, rich, techy-genius character of Tony Stark or Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr., has this opposite character that you will discover as you get to explore the house he lives in with his family – him, his wife (Susan Downey) and two children.
In an episode of the Architectural Digest, they were given the chance to explore the house of the Downey’s and what is unique about this house is it stands within a late 19th century windmill and initially was built as a playhouse, but with the help of the services of , and you would Fox-Nahem Associates they were able to transform this estate to a homey and comfortable home as they tour the staff inside, as they point out their favorite spots.

One of their reasons for choosing this house is because there is a nearby 19th century church which adds vibe and feels on their surroundings. On their front lawn, you will be welcomed with a windmill like Frankenstein’s monster, which is one of the first décor of the house.

Despite our expectations on his personality being an icon, we are surprised how human the Downey’s can be, like they showed a closet where everything and anything were stuffed in, or a certain spot in a room where they are too lazy or procrastinating to organize. Another is how the “Don’t let the cats out!” signages were all over the house, since they were definitely feline lovers. The signages might look out of place being posted on the wall, but you can see how their cats are a priority.

There are a lot of framed artworks and photographs all over the house, and in one corner of the house is a mini figure of Downey’s head which is transparent, and when the light was turned on, it looked like his glowing head, perfect for the Halloween or a side lamp.
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