John Lloyd Cruz Shows Off Clean Look At Vhong Navarro's Wedding

The public was amazed to see the new looks of John Lloyd Cruz in his celebrity friend’s wedding. It was on the 28th day of November when Vhong Navarro and Tanya Winona Bautista celebrated their much-awaited and star-studded wedding event in the “Four Seasons Hotel” in Kyoto, Japan. A lot of their closest friends and families attended the event and a lot of netizens were very delighted to see photos and videos of the couple’s wedding all over the internet.

One of the most popular celebrities who attended one of the most talked-about weddings of the year was the Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz who was seen with his new looks and a lot of his fans and supporter were very happy and excited to see his very handsome face once again. A couple of months ago, the actor took social media by storm as his rugged image surfaced on different social media platforms. But now he really looks like he will be having his comeback one of these days!

The famous actor was wearing a formal black suit and tie. He was also clean-shaven, he already removed his mustache and beard. His face also glows and happiness can be seen in his eyes. His smile is also admirable and heart-fluttering. On the other hand, many netizens noticed that the actor was all by himself in the said event. Usually, when he attends special events like this one, he would usually go with Ellen Adarna. That is why speculations about their break-up confirmation arise again. The public thought that it was already a confirmation that Ellen and John Lloyd already broke up and they are now co-parenting with their son Elias Modesto.

It can be remembered that rumors about the celebrity couple’s separation went viral. According to some well-known showbiz insiders, they decided to end their relationship because they usually had misunderstandings which resulted in fights every now and then. Ellen Adarna even filed a temporary restriction order against John Lloyd according to some reports. Despite the sad news a lot of the actor’s fans and supporters were very delighted and very much excited to see their idol once again in front of the camera!
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