New Darna Jane De Leon Answers Boy Abunda Question " Maldita Ka ba?"

Jane Florence Benitez De Leon, professionally known as Jane De Leon is a 21-year-old actress, singer, model, and dancer. She was also one of the members of "Girltrends", a female dance group of ABS-CBN's noontime variety shows It's Showtime. Her name was given to her after her grandmother’s name. Some of the other names that her parents choose from are Hyacinth which means “flower”, “Amapola” who was a very popular personality before that her parents adore, “Apple” and “Joey” as well.

She revealed in her first ever video vlog that her parents are very strict especially to her who is a certified papa’s girl. Her nickname is Chynise and she is also a certified animal lover. She can pet whatever kind of animals you could give her except lizards! It was also very interesting about her that she was never scared of horror movies but she would always end up crying instead. She also wanted to be a doctor or a soldier someday.

On her latest guesting with Tonight With Boy Abunda program, she honestly answered the rumors about her being a “maldita”. But the promising Kapamilya star said that she is not that kind of person. People would always see her as a mean girl even though she was just really tired or sleepy.

She also admitted that even her close friends or classmates would often ask if she was okay because she looks mad but in fact, she was really not angry and she just wanted to have some rest. Maybe some other people just misunderstood her and judge her based on her looks. She also said that she just stand up for what she knew was right and not to the point that she will do mean things to other people.

The Kapamilya actress experienced a lot of hardships and struggles in life just like any other individual. She is very grateful that she was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to play such an iconic role. There were a lot of people who say negative and mean things about her but for her, she will never stop chasing her dreams especially for her beloved family.
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