Singer Morissette Amon Walks Out from her Concert, Annabelle Rama Not Happy

A video of the singer Morissette Amon is circulating online walking out from a concert. This has happened yesterday at the Music Museum as she was invited to perform in birthday concert of Kiel Alo entitled, Kiel Alo: Ako Naman (A Hugot King Birthday Concert).

The concert was produced by Jobert Sucaldito, one of the seasoned personalities in the industry. And with this news, the producer finally expressed his side of the story. He mentioned how he was surprised and disappointed with the turn of events and how Morissette has handled the situation.
As he recalled he was there when the TV reporter Marion Dumaoal interviewed her briefly regarding her relationship at present which has run smoothly and well, and there has been no problem with their exchange.

Minutes later, Morissette’s business manager, David Casico, approached Jobert to inform him that the singer can no longer perform due to interview for she felt offended and was in no shape to face the audience.

True to his words, Jobert saw Morissette crying in one corner feeling, not herself, though Jobert still tried to bargain, because he wants to save the show, and his integrity because some audience bought the ticket because they are expecting to see Morissette on stage.

He even suggested to let Morissette make an apology to the audience, but the business manager thought otherwise and he said he would do it instead, but in the end, it is Jobert who went up the stage to apologize, and when it is on cue that it is the time for Morissette to appear on stage, the audience where appalled when they saw the singer walked toward the exit rather than to the stage.
This act did not please Jobert’s fellow producer Annabelle Rama and Daisy Romualdez, even the business tycoon Joel Cruz who was among the audience was also surprised. On the video uploaded you can hear how Annabelle Rama comments on Morissette’s behavior and even asked for her professionalism.

True to the situation that since the singer has already committed to this gig, regardless of how she is feeling she should have done what is expected from her for the sake of professionalism.
What do you think? Should Morissette release her own statement to explain herself?
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