Throwback Vid of Ivana Alawi And Sis Trends in Social Media

Ivana Alawi is Mariam Al-Alawi in real-life. She is a 22-year-old Filipina actress and the elder sister of Mona Louis Rey or Mona Al-Alawi who is a Filipina also an actress and commercial model. She is Moroccan and Filipino descent.

Even though she is a beginner when it comes to vlogging, a lot of Filipinos love her videos and her YouTube channel already has 2.31 million subscribers. She launched her YouTube channel last May 2018 and it was quite a short span of time that she was able to gain a lot of fans and supporters as well as her subscribers.

Her vlogs actually have ahuge number of views from 4 million to 6 million views and she was really something in this kind of social media platform! She would always share videos of her travels, her daily routine at their home, her delectable eating habits despite her gorgeous and fit figure, and of course, the video of her and her younger sister, a former Kapuso star Mona Alawi.

They have a throwback video that immediately went viral online where her  sister, Mona, did her make-up! It was posted on the said platform back in the year 2012 on a channel named “Maria G”. As of this writing, the said video clip already has more than 775,000 views! Many of Ivana’s fans and supporters noticed that she fluently speaks English 7 years ago but with her recent viral videos today she would always speak in pure Tagalog and it seems that there was no trace of her English accent before.

The public admires her not just because of her adorable beauty and alluring body but most of all because of her bubbly and cute personality not just being an actress but the way she treats her little sister as well. No wonder that a lot of netizens like her so much and envy her the most because even if she eats a lot, she is able to maintain her weight and body! Ivana and Mona’s kakulitan was also one of the best things they see on these two lovely girls.
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