Vlogger Who Looks Like Kapamilya Actress Sue Ramirez Trends in Socmed

Have you ever seen someone who really looks like your favorite celebrity? You will probably be very excited to see him or her and to know more about her. Recently, a DJ/Vlogger named Aira was one of the contestants of Wowowin’s segment Willie of Fortune. According to her close friends and family members, she really looks like the popular Kapamilya actress Sue Ramirez.

Sue Ramirez is a 23-years-old Filipina actress and singer. Her first major role was as a supporting cast member on the ABS-CBN remake of “Mula Sa Puso” of the same name. She is one of the most bankable young actresses of the Kapamilya network not just because of her admirable beauty and her good physique but because of her bubbly personality as well.

Aira enjoys doing her vlogs together with her boyfriend. She is very proud of what she is doing because unlike those well-known celebrities, she is the one who edits her video vlogs, as well as conceptualizing the content of her videos. She doesn’t have a director as well and she is just being herself as she makes her video vlogs. She even advised those aspiring vloggers to be true to themselves and prefer what they really wanted to show their audience. She pointed out that when you are a vlogger and you uploaded a make-up vlog but only a few people liked it, maybe you can try other contents that can be very interesting to your subscribers.

She was also very vocal when it comes to her love and passion for her craft. Being a vlogger and inspiring a lot of people as well as sharing happiness and positivity to many people is one of her greatest achievements being a vlogger.

She was with her supporting parents and a loving boyfrie,Her parents will always be proud of her and all her accomplishments. They said that they are also very proud of her as she fulfilled their wish and she was able to finish her studies. After that, she had their permission to do the things she always wanted even before.
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