When Girlfriend Let Her Bf Cuts Her Bangs "Umiyak ng Todo Si Ate"

Women’s hair is one of their best assets. No wonder that a lot of women nowadays tend to care so much for their crowning glory. Many of them go to the salon regularly while some ladies would always spare their busy time just to have a quick home treatment for their hair. Because women nowadays tend to be very busy with their line of work, their tons of responsibilities being a mother and wife to their own family, some of them forget to give themselves a little break even just a couple of hours for their "me-time". Women are lucky enough that growing their hair tends to be faster than men and they need not cut their hair after several weeks over and over again just to achieve that nice and clean look they ever wanted.

Unfortunately, not all women are blessed to have that beautiful, long, shiny, and healthy hair. Just like this viral video of a woman who is not happy because of her bangs that were cut very short by her boyfriend. The video garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. On the said video, a woman was s in front of a mirror while her boyfriend was was filming the moments. According to the video, the woman let her boyfriend cut her bangs but she didn’t expect it to be a great failure! She even told her man that she will end their relationship already because of what he did.

It may really look like a small thing for some people and they may think that her hair will grow very fast without her noticing it. But little did they know that the hair of every woman gives them a lot of confidence and it really makes them beautiful. That is why a lot of women also feel the same way as the poor woman in the video feels. It was really a terrible problem especially when you are working at an office or if you are still studying at school, how can you be so confident about yourself every single day having the kind of hair that was not your type in the first place?
When Girlfriend Let Her Bf Cuts Her Bangs "Umiyak ng Todo Si Ate" When Girlfriend Let Her Bf Cuts Her Bangs "Umiyak ng Todo Si Ate" Reviewed by Boom on 3:25 AM Rating: 5

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