World Famous Vlogger Jamie Zhu Tries To Get Jessy Mendiola's Number

Social media nowadays had brought a lot of benefits to many people all over the world. No wonder that a lot more people even famous celebrities are trying their best to earn an enormous number of followers and subscribers in social media because it can also be profitable to people.

Many of us may have heard about the word “vloggers” who were usually seen in different social media platforms as they do a make-up tutorial, house tours, travel vlogs, food vlogs and so many other contents for their video vlogs which excited a lot of their viewers.

It was just recently when a video of this foreign vlogger went viral online as he visited our country Philippines. He even does some guestings and singing projects. His YouTube channel is known as Jamie Zhu Vlogs with more than 97,000 subscribers. His viral video garnered 290,721 views as of this writing.

In his video, he featured his day to day activities, guests and even his hotel accommodations. But what’s most interesting is that he accepted quite a very difficult challenge wherein he should be able to get Jessy Mendiola’s number and he will be rewarded P5,000 but later on it was already P30,000! But as he was able to have a conversation with the Kapamilya actress, he didn’t get her number but he did remove his pants in front of her!

Though Jessy was not actually looking at him, a lot of netizens could not help but think what Luis Manzano would do if ever he met this vlogger someday! Jessy was also admired because of her loyalty and faithfulness to her boyfriend, Luis. Many netizens also think that it was really improper for a man to remove his clothes in front of a lady. It is considered disrespectful especially here in the Philippines where women are respected the most.

Jessica Mendiola Tawile, professionally known as Jessy Mendiola is a 26-year-old Filipino actress. She played the titular character in the 2013 remake of the 1992 Mexican telenovela “Maria Mercedes”. She is in a long-term and steady relationship with Kapamilya actor and host Luis Manzano.
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