Aga and Sharlene's Beautiful Daughter May Enter Showbiz or Join Beauty Pageant Soon

Most people admire a lot of Filipino celebrities because of their good looks, gorgeous physique, and nice personality. And as we tend to like some of those celebrities, we also adopt the same feeling with their families. Believe it or not, many of us hope their daughters and sons to be part of the show business industry as well and to know a lot more things about them. Just like the lovely unica hija of the award-winning actor Aga Muchlach and beauty pageant titleholder Charlene Gonzales-Muchlach. She is no other than Atasha Muchlach.

Atasha Muchlach is the other twin of Andres Muchlach, Aga and Charlene’s 18-year-old twin. It was just recently when they have been spotted by the press as they were supporting the actor with his latest project, the Filipino remake of popular Korean movie .It will be an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival and will be released on theater by Dec. 25.

Atasha was asked by the press if she will be pursuing show business after her school or beauty pageantry like her beauty queen mother. But the young Muchlach clarified things out saying that she prioritizes her studies more than anything else and if ever that those things happen she was still not sure what to choose.

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Going back to the topic, her mother commented that they will be very much happy for them to finish college first, and after that whatever they wanted to pursue in life they will surely support them all throughout their journey. But for the gorgeous and stunning mother of two, Charlene, if ever that Atasha would end up entering the show business industry, her husband will be a stage father for sure. Atasha also revealed that her father was very strict when it comes tosuitors.  But despite that, she described him as a nice, cool, supportive, and loving person.

Ariel Aquino Muhlach, popularly known as Aga Muchlach is a 50-year-old multi-award winning Filipino actor and product endorser. He married Charlene Gonzalez in May 2001. They started dating only after he asked for her parents' permission to get engaged to her. They are blessed to have twins named Atasha and Andre.
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