Alex Gonzaga Grocery WIth Raffy Tulfo

Raffy Tulfo is very famous to many Filipino people for helping individuals who are unfortunate and who were taken advantage of because of their age, social status, and preferences. He is known to be fearless, bold, and straightforward when it comes to dealing with people who were exploiters or those opportunists. A lot of people who were doing wrong things are very afraid of him, for “Idol Raffy” as many people would call him, will surely and definitely do everything to make those people pay for their crimes in jail.

On the other hand, Alex Gonzaga is known to be the younger sister of award-winning actress and host Toni Gonzaga. She is a 31-year-old television host, singer, actress, comedian, vlogger, and author. She is admired and loved by so many people for being so jolly and bubbly. Her genuine personality and her kind heart shines through all her doings in front and even at the back of the camera. She simply takes away sadness so easily and replaces it with happiness and laughter.

It was just recently when the video of “Idol Raffy” together with Alex Gonzaga surfaced on different social media platforms. The said viral video with the title “Grocery With Idol By Alex Gonzaga” with over 2.4 million views already in just a day after it was posted on Alex’ YouTube channel where she already had more than 5.11 million subscribers. Raffy went grocery shopping for one of their complainants in his popular show and the Kapamilya actress had a really great time with him. Their exceptional collaboration had been taken social media by storm. It garnered a countless number of comments and reactions from the netizens. Most of them are commending the two for having such an amazing video together which really reflects the personalities of each other bringing a lot of laughter to each and every viewer.

There were some netizens who described Alex as a two-year-old kid together with a conservative and a gentleman like Raffy Tulfo. Some other netizens even commented that they should do a lot more videos together and make their “kulitan” on-screen. They will surely make more people especially their followers happier with their collaboration videos
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