"Ampon Si Mona" Ivana Alawi Vid With Sister Mona Trends Online

Filipino families are known to have close family ties. We are used to living with our whole family even if we already have our own children. Many people say that it is one of the most admirable traits that we have while some people believe that it may also have negative effects in the long run. Because of our closed family ties, siblings grew up very much close to each other, despite their age and their gender.

One of the most popular siblings nowadays is Ivana and Mona Alawi. Many netizens were amazed by this sibling’s charm and amazing personality. Ivana Alawi’s real name is Mariam Al-Alawi. She is a 22-year-old actress and model who also auditioned in Starstruck in 2015. While Mona Louise Rey is Mona Al-Alawi, a 15-year-old actress and commercial model. She was admired by the people because of her amazing talent skill at a very tender age. But aside from their good looks, this sibling is also loved by the public because of their genuine personality and attitude.

It was just recently when the younger sister, Mona pranked her sister Ivana that she already had a boyfriend at 15 years old. Ivana was shocked and she was really mad at that time when she learned that her beloved younger sister had a romantic relationship with a man and their mother actually knew about it. Because of what happened Ivana planned on getting back on her sister and prank her as well. Ivana intentionally planned it several weeks after experiencing Mona’s prank so that she will never notice that she took revenge on what she has done to her.

The viral video starter as Ivana and Mona were sitting on the sofa when their mother suddenly came along with an old man who introduces himself as Bob, Mona’s “real father”. Mona was very mind boggled to know that she is AMPON . Ivana tried to hide her laughter and continue on her plans.

As Mona walked out in front of her family and her supposed to be “real father”, Ivana went into her  sister’s room to give her, her suitcase as she will be having bonding with Bob. It is also the time when Ivana finally revealed to Mona that it was just a prank. Mona was still in tears but she was grateful that it was not true at all.
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