Ateneo's New Recruit , The Next Heartrob of UAAP

Ateneo de Manila University will soon be having the next talented duo that they will have after the departure of Matt Nieto. Blue Eagles will be counting on the Ramos brothers, Dwight and Eli so that they will be sure that their backcourt will never miss anything. The public was surprised that Ramos Brothers will be the newest recruit of the Ateneo. Dwight Ramos has been included in the Gilas Pilipinas 2023 call up for quite some time now and he said that he will be making the most chance out of it. According to him, his father Artemio was the one who planned everything out. People reach out to him that is why he and his brother Eli already have their passports.

Ateneo had been convincing Dwight to be on their team for almost a year already but he decided to play for “Gal State Fullerton” in which he didn’t have a lot of playing time because he only has 8 minutes per game. After that, he decided to transfer to “Cal Poly Pomona” where he has an average of 6.6 points per game. According to some reports he had an average of 28 points per game back when he was school. He was also known for his amazing defense in court and he was not also afraid to put himself on the line for their team’s points. Dwight Ramos is 6’5” in height. Eli Ramos has recently appeared in the NBTC tournament and he also plays well inside the court. But unlike his brother, he only stands 6’3” tall. He was known for his rebounds and in making points for the team.

According to some social media posts which surfaced on different social media platforms, the Ramos brothers will be on the Ateneo’s team very soon. The “Tiebreaker Times” confirmed that the Ramos brothers will be joining the Blue Eagles. Eli is now eligible to play in the upcoming UAAP season because he has not yet participated in any schools back when he was abroad. Meanwhile, Dwight will be following the one-year-residency rule as he came from a non-UAAP school.
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