Beautiful Woman Undergoes Hormone Theraphy Transformation

Our country is a conservative country as many of us are practicing Christian faith while some are Muslims. Aside from the two, there are still some other religions here in the Philippines. But despite that fact, there were still people who respect others especially those people who belong in the LGBT community. It was just recently when a video of a transgender man surfaced online and elicited a lot of comments and reactions from people. He is no other than Clark Frias.

Clark Frias is a Filipino transgender. He serves as a great inspiration to the LGBT community. He is currently posing for his brand known as “Kisig ManileƱo”. It is a clothing brand that promotes edgy and retro OOTDs perfect for fine gentlemen. But as many people would have mistaken him for being a man ever since he was born because of his current looks and manly build, the truth was she was actually a beautiful and gorgeous woman before. But after three years of taking medications and therapy, he really looks and sounds just like any other man.

He revealed in his viral vlog that he is taking testosterone medications for three years already and he really sounds like a man. He said that in just a few weeks of taking testosterone, he immediately felt some changes on his throat and on the way he speaks. He now has a male-sounding voice and it also got deeper unlike before when he was still a woman. According to him, testosterone thickens the vocal cords which results in a male sound voice.

He got a lot thicker eyebrows, he doesn’t have jawline anymore, and his nose became bigger as well. His odor and even his urine also changed as well as his skin which became thicker than before. Larger pores and an increase in oil production will also be experienced. He also worked out and disciplined himself a lot to have his lean muscles and fit body. Even his legs and hips become narrow in his transition journey. He is so much happier now that his male patterns become prominent.
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