Cristine Reyes Amazes Netizen With New Look

It was just recently when Cristine Reyes shared some photos of her new look on her social media account. It elicited an enormous number of comments and reactions from a lot of netizens. On the said viral photos, Cristine flaunts her well-toned body as well as her breathtaking abs in her red swimwear. She even sports her new hairstyle, a lot more different from her pink dyed short hair before, her hair looks a lot more classy and gorgeous now. A lot of her followers and supporters could not help but admire her more for being so stunningly gorgeous even though she is already a mom! Who would have said that mothers can’t look beautiful and gorgeous as they wanted to be?

Her stunning photos took social media by storm and there were a number of netizens who commented that her body looks very thin and she seems to be sick but her fans supported the Kapamilya actress saying that she worked really hard to attain her ideal body and there should be no one to question her in doing what she wanted with her own hair or even with her own body especially when it also benefits her and her health.

Nowadays, it has been a great dilemma for most women to lose weight especially after giving birth. It tends to be the reason for their excessive weight gain and they can’t really help it but just accept the fact that they couldn’t have their fit body back. Good thing that Cristine Reyes, as well as other famous personalities, has the ability to inspire other people to love themselves before anything else as well as to prioritize their health as well.

Women must have that mindset to value and prioritize their own body and their own health as well instead of just focusing on taking good care of the family, in pursuing their careers and doing all the household chores all by themselves. Women especially mothers will have more time to spend with their loved ones when they are in good shape, good health and they are in the best versions of themselves.
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