Enrique Gil Honestly Answers Ogie Diaz Question "Naka Pasok Ka Na Sa Spakol ?"

Ogie Díaz is a 49-year-old Filipino comedian, actor, and show business reporter. He is also popularly known as "Pekto", the name of his character in the long-running former television show “Palibhasa Lalake”. Currently, he became of being an assistant in many television series as well as some films. But aside from that, he is also known as the talent manager of one of the most bankable stars of ABS-CBN, Liza Soberano. It was just recently when Ogie Diaz attended the newest branch of “Hope Wellness Spa” located in Alabang together with other famous personalities like Robi Domingo, Liza Soberano, and Enrique Gil. A lot of netizens could not help but laugh so many times because of the comedian’s humor towards his friends and the people on the said event.

He first talked to Liza and she revealed that all the products that they were using in their wellness center are all organic and fresh made by the local farmers here in the Philippines. Liza, together with her tita Jonie was very happy that they will be having another branch of their spa in Alabang where Liza will soon be having her dream house according to her. Her home will only be an hour and a half away from her on and off-screen partner’s house Enrique. When Liza became busy with all the media people in the said event. Ogie decided to talk to Enrique and they had really a good conversation.

Ogie asked Enrique if he had experienced a whole-body massage without any clothes and he said yes. The young Kapamilya actor seems to be very shy to reveal that the woman who massaged him had also seen his behind because he was really no clothes on. Ogie and Enrique could not help but laugh so much. Ogie also asked him if he has done “spakol”,. Enrique was very surprised but he shared that some of his friends have already tried that but he preferred having a decent massage for himself instead. Enrique was also applauded by the veteran comedian and reporter for being so loving and supportive to Liza whom he described as his future wife.
Enrique Gil Honestly Answers Ogie Diaz Question "Naka Pasok Ka Na Sa Spakol ?" Enrique  Gil Honestly Answers Ogie Diaz Question "Naka Pasok Ka Na Sa Spakol ?" Reviewed by Boom on 1:19 AM Rating: 5

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