Filipno Surfer Saves Indonesian Opponent "Sinakripisyo ang Chance Makauwi ng Gold Medal"

The 2019 Southeast Asian Games, officially known as the “30th Southeast Asian Games” or “2019 SEA Games” and commonly known as Philippines 2019, is the 30th edition of the Southeast Asian Games, a biennial regional multi-sport event which is being held in the Philippines from November 30 to December 11, 2019, with games from selected sports started as early as the 24th day of November.

Many Filipinos have long been waiting for the Philippines to host one of the most prestigious international competition in South East Asia. Even though there are a number of barriers and reasons our country not to be the host country in the recent SEA Games, we made it and it boosts the confidence of our Filipino competitors. As of now, the Philippines already bagged 179 medals. We already won 74 gold medals, 55 silver medals, and 50 bronze medals.

But aside from the number 1 spot, Filipinos are very proud of this Filipino surfer who sacrifices his chances to win a gold medal just to save his Indonesian opponent. He is no other than the Pinoy surfer Roger Casugay. He was hailed as a hero not because he bagged the gold medal award but because he saved his opponent from drowning even if it cost him to win his gold medal! His Indonesian competitor is Arhip Nurhidayat. According to some reports, the Indonesian surfer suddenly lost his board to the waves during the event. Fortunately, Roger was there to save him from the waves. They both shared a single board as they went to the beach. The said event was postponed until further notice.

Due to bagyong Tisoy, “surfing” has been one of the worst-hit sports at the SEA Games 2019. The event organizers prioritize the safety of the athletes and the spectators that id why they had postponed the event three times already. A lot of netizens especially the Filipino people applauded Roger for choosing to save someone who badly needs his help instead of prioritizing getting the gold medal himself. True enough that Filipinos are good and nice people even if it cost them something precious in order to help or save someone.

Filipno Surfer Saves Indonesian Opponent "Sinakripisyo ang Chance Makauwi ng Gold Medal" Filipno Surfer Saves Indonesian Opponent "Sinakripisyo ang Chance Makauwi ng Gold Medal" Reviewed by Boom on 4:43 AM Rating: 5

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