Hero Surfer, Champion In SEA Games And His Own Love Story

You had probably heard about the news of this courageous Filipino surfer who sacrificed a sure win gold medal award just to save his foreign opponent.  He immediately went viral online because of his courageous deed. But even before he became known for doing such an amazing act, he was featured in a famous magazine show because of his amazing love story.

It was back in 2017 when photos of Roger Casugay together with his girlfriend who is a Dutch national named Liza Verweij surfaced on different social media platforms. A lot of people were touched with their love story and they even shared their sweet love story to the world. Roger revealed that they first met in La Union where he works as a surfing instructor. Lisa was there for her vacation and to learn surfing as well. She admitted that Roger caught her interest ever since the first day she saw him.

Roger became Lisa’s surfing instructor and it was also the start of their beautiful friendship which turned in a sweet romance afterward. Lisa only had a 5-day vacation here in the Philippines but even though she returned to the Netherlands, their communication still continues and they are having a long-distance relationship and until now they are still very in love with each other.

And because of Roger’s achievement in the SEA Games, Lisa is a very proud girlfriend! She flew from the Netherlands together with her family just to support Roger in the prestigious competition. Roger made all of them proud as well as our whole nation as he won the gold medal in the men’s longboard competition last December 8. Netizens could not contain their happiness as well but aside from admiring Roger for having such a kind and beautiful heart having an amazing love story to tell, we Filipinos are very much proud of him being one of our pride in the SEA Games.

Lisa is very blessed to have Roger as her boyfriend but much more than that Roger had her as his greatest inspiration while he is competing. And in every success of a man, there will always be a woman behind it, and for Roger’s greatest achievement, he has Lisa with him all throughout his journey.
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