PBB Otso Fumiya Sankai Goes To Japan " Para Magpaopera "

We Filipinos are amazed at the different cultures and traditions of other nationalities.No wonder that a lot of Filipinos love other celebrities who are famous here in the Philippines even though they aren't Filipino after all. Some of them are Sandara Park, Ryan Bang, Fumiya Sankai and many others. We admire them not just because they are different from us but the fact that despite being a foreigner, they still love the Philippines as much as they love their own country.

Recently, the public was surprised to know about the health condition of Fumiya Sankai. There had been an enormous number of comments and reactions from people hoping that the PBB Otso former housemate became better. Most of his Filipino fans and supporters are praying for his fast recovery and for the success of his "Operasyon" in Japan. According to some reports, Fumiya went to Japan together with his family for his "Opera sa baga" Fumiya Sankai is a Japanese actor known for being a part of the latest Pinoy Big Brother Edition, PBB Otso. He is the very good friend of the PBB Otso Grand Winner William Gucong, professionally known as Yamyam Gucong.

A lot of Filipino people loved him and admired him the most for being so humble and for his good intentions of being a bridge for the Philippines and Japan. It was not very usual for a foreign individual like him to care for our country the most and for respecting our very own culture. He also wanted to explore more about the Philippines’ culture and tradition. It was just recently when the Facebook page “PBB 8 Updates” shared some photos of Fumiya lying down in a hospital bed wearing a sad and worried face which is not really like him. He was known for being so jolly and bubbly.

He is actually preparing for undergoing lung surgery after he experienced breathing difficulties. He usually updates his fans and supporters through his social media account, “FumiShun Base”. He shared with the public that his doctor discovered that his right lung became smaller.
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  1. hope gumaling ka fumiya, favorite ka pa naman ng mother ko..stress free daw sya pag napapanood ka nya.

  2. You pray fumiya idol, pagaling ka idol...