Roxanne Barcelo Serenades People of the Streets With Her Christmas Carols

Christmas is one of the most-awaited and most celebrated occasions here in the Philippines. We are celebrating this season together with our beloved family and loved ones. We have a lot of sumptuous dishes in our table, a lot of colorful Christmas decorations inside and outside our home, and a lot of gifts for our loved ones. Of course, Christmas will never be complete without “Simbang Gabi” and the very famous bibingka and puto bumbong duo together with a “salabat” that was enjoyed by the family after the mass. Many people especially children love to sing Christmas carols in every house and they will be given gifts or money after they sing. It has been a great and wonderful celebration for every Filipinos and those good memories will be engraved in our hearts forever.

Recently, a famous celebrity did her own version of Christmas caroling in Poblacion. She is no other than the gorgeous and beautiful Roxanne Barcelo, also known as Roxee B. She took social media by storm as she posts her recent vlogs on her own channel. A lot of netizens admire her not just because of her beauty and talent but because of her cute and bubbly personality. As she serenades random people in Poblacion, which seems to be a public place knowing that she is a popular personality, people tend to be very surprised as she told everybody that she will be singing a Christmas carol to them. She sings Christmas songs to people who were very amazed that a famous celebrity was actually singing for them. Roxanne’s video was really a bubbly and cute video that simply features her own true self and personality.

It actually earned a lot of positive comments and reactions from people as well as from her fans and followers. She had shared good vibes and laughter to many people. True enough that Christmas is not just all about money and expensive things but is celebrated because of love and care towards people. May this be a great reminder to focus on happiness and the real spirit of Christmas which is love, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!
Roxanne Barcelo Serenades People of the Streets With Her Christmas Carols Roxanne Barcelo Serenades People of the Streets With Her Christmas Carols Reviewed by Boom on 12:32 AM Rating: 5

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