Vice Ganda Gets Back on Pranking Hashtag Member Nikko Natividad

Niko Natividad courageously pranks “It’s Showtime” host Vice Ganda in his radio guesting as he promotes his film Bakwit Boys in 2018. He called the famous comedian and talked about a very sensitive topic about his gender identity and the confusion he was going through at that time. He even cried so much to make his prank more convincing. Vice Ganda advised him wholeheartedly as he confessed about his “true feelings” with another popular actor, Marco Gumabao. All the pieces of advice of the comedian were very sincere and straight from the heart. But he didn’t know that it was all about a prank for him by Hashtag Niko.

Vice Ganda had the opportunity to take revenge on what Niko did to him before as the former became a temporary DJ in 101.9 MOR to fill in DJ Chacha’s place. Vice called Niko who was actually on a taping that time and told him everything about the management meeting he had attended together with their director, Direk Bobet Vidanes. He said that Niko has done something bad to one of their guests who was named Raimund Marasigan who was described by Vice as their director’s relative.

The “Unkaboggable Star” even revealed that Direk Bobet was very mad at Niko for what he did and he even told Niko that he might lose his job in the program for all the things he has done. Niko seems to be crying as he really doesn’t know what to do. But he assures Vice that he will be talking to their director and would ask forgiveness for all the things he did. After their conversation, Vice revealed that it was just a prank and that Niko will not actually lose his job. It was just his revenge for him because of what he did before.

Vice Ganda is a Kapamilya actor, hist and comedian who has starred a number of successful films including Sisterakas, Praybeyt Benjamin, and The Revenger’s Squad which became a blockbuster hit. His upcoming movie together with award-winning actress Anne Curtis entitled “The Mall, The Merrier” will be an official entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival this year.
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