49 Year Old Thalia Still Beautiful As Ever , Original Marimar Actress

We may greatly admire a lot of Korean Drama series today but we loved Mexican telenovela so much before K-dramas! Mexican telenovela had captured the hearts of many Filipinos especially those who love watching drama and love stories all at the same time. One of the most popular telenovela actresses before was Thalia. She was loved dearly by many Filipinos as she portrayed the character of “Marimar” in one of her projects. Marian Rivera and Megan Young are some of the famous celebrities who portrayed as Marimar in the Philippine adaptation of the Mexican telenovela. Do you still remember the very first “Marimar” that we love and admire before? Are you curious about her life now after so many years of portraying as “Marimar”?

Marimar, or simply Thalia is Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda Mottola in real life. She is a 48-year old Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and entrepreneur. She is also considered one of the most successful and influential Mexican artists worldwide. Aside from her native Spanish, she has also sung in English, French, Portuguese and Tagalog. She is referred to as the "Queen of Latin Pop" by international media because of her renown within the Latin pop music scene for the last three decades. She has sold over 25 million records worldwide. She has received numerous accolades as well. But what’s most interesting about her is that she seems ageless as she really looks as beautiful and as gorgeous as before even though she is already 48 years old! Would you believe that?

Aside from being known as “Marimar”, she also played the role of Maria Mercedes, Maria la del Barrio, Rosalinda, Quinceañera, among others. It was in December 2000 when she married a music executive named Tommy Mottola. They are blessed with two : Sabrina Sakaë Mottola Sodi, 12 and Matthew Alejandro Mottola Sodi, 8. They have been together for almost 20 years already and getting a lot more strong as years have gone by.

Many Filipinos surely miss her television series but still, we are very happy that she is still active in the industry and she still looks glamorous as ever. Her beauty is still ageless and she still looks like an angel here on Earth!
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