Calamansi Love Story : Umani ng Ibat Ibang Reaksyon Mula Sa Social Media

Misunderstanding is a very common thing between couples nowadays. Just a very few couples had zero misunderstandings in their entire relationship. For many people, it is considered a miracle when couples do not have a misunderstanding or an argument at all! It is one of the things they need to understand and go through the process to get to know the public w more about each other and to eventually help in the foundation of their relationship.

Unfortunately, there are times that this kind of misunderstanding, argument, or differences may lead to a very serious situation. But this woman tends to know her boyfriend a lot more than he could ever imagine as he offered break-up to her just because of “calamansi”! The netizen who shared such a hilarious but real story is no other than Anna Margarita Ibad Jarin. She also tagged her boyfriend John Joseph Jane.

The story began when Anna and John decided to eat out in a popular restaurant. Anna was the one who ordered their food but right after she orders she was told that there is no “calamansi”. Because there is no calamansi at the said restaurant John insisted on canceling their order and that he would just go home and decided not to eat anything at all. Anna rides a bus and just went back to her office with a hungry stomach.

John seems to be very disappointed about what happened and he really couldn’t believe the fact that such a popular restaurant doesn’t have calamansi for their customers at all! He even said a lot of things to Anna and wanted to break up with her already and it all started with a calamansi! He even insisted that it was not acceptable to have “soy sauce” alone as sauce or “sawsawan” because it tastes very salty. It seems that he doesn’t want to apologize for the things he had said to his girlfriend at all. But after some time there has been a change of heart and it seems that the anger John is feeling that very moment suddenly disappears.

The post immediately went viral online and garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. Many of them can actually relate to what happened to Anna and John.

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