Chienna Filomeno's Tala Dance Video Inulan ng Maraming Komento

Social media had been one of the best platforms of many people all around the globe nowadays not just for communication, entertainment, business, gaming, information dissemination and a lot more things under the sun. A lot more people got used to accepting and doing social media challenges just like the very recent dance craze by no other than the 31-year-old "Popstar Princess" and "Asia's Popstar Royalty” Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah Geronimo’s 2015 famous single “Tala” had really become a viral dance challenge during the holidays through the hashtags #Taladancechallenge or #Talachallenge. There has been a lot of videos that immediately went viral online , a police officer, celebrities, and millions of netizens dancing with the Tala dance hit.

Some other celebrities who had their Tala dance challenge entries were Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde, Ella Cruz, Former SB member Izzy Trazona and her son Andrei,  Darren Espanto, Vivoree Esclito  and the very recent addition was Chienna Filomeno’s version of the Tala dance craze. She posted her Tala dance challenge video on her social media account last January 5 at 7:30 AM and it elicited an enormous number of comments from netizens.

A lot of netizens commended her amazing dancing skills as well as her fit and gorgeous body. She is wearing a red terno as she dances gracefully with the Tala song on its background. True enough that you can never say no and ignore the hit song as it lingers into your mind for quite a while and you will be surprised that you are already dancing through the groove and singing the lyrics as well. She is one of the members of the “It’s Showtime” girl group popularly known as the “GirlTrends”.
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