Confirmed, Mich Liggayu is Pregnant. The Father Is

Who would have not remember one of the first YouTube sensation many Filipino admired even before Korean television series and drama series conquered our hearts? It is the JaMich love team who first make us all believe in true, unconditional and everlasting love. JaMich love team is a combination of Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian’s name and his girlfriend Michelle Liggayu’s name. As many people admire and love this couple through their romantic videos and viral dance moves, a very unfortunate thing happened in March 2015 as Jam bids his last goodbye.

 After several years of being away from the social media and all the chaos and negativity, Mich finally decided to post a video of herself on her YouTube channel where she flaunts the newest blessing in her journey.

The social media was taken abuzz as they couldn’t help asking who is the father of the 26-year-old social media personality. After several days, Neo Domingo confirms through his personal social media account that he is the lucky father of Mich’s BABY.

The news generates different comments and reactions from people . There were still a lot people who supported and congratulated them for this wonderful blessing. Not everyone is blessed tto have this kind of blessings.
Confirmed, Mich Liggayu is Pregnant. The Father Is Confirmed, Mich Liggayu is Pregnant. The Father Is Reviewed by Boom on 2:51 AM Rating: 5


  1. So totoo nga ung isuee noo grbe tudo tanggi pa nga

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  3. Lumabas rin ang totoo na kayo na buhay pa c jam, hahaha pero gudluck sa new baby nyo