Dating Titibo Tibo, Naging Sobrang Ganda Ngayon At Ikinisal Pa

Despite being a Christian country, many Filipino people tend to understand the gender preferences of others nowadays. Especially now the LGBT community which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender has been gaining a lot more respect and acceptance to people than before. As much as they also have their own decisions in life and a lot of them also supports and love their families and their own self just like every one of us, they have also known their self from the very start.

A lot of people who belong to the LGBT community also have a lot of achievements in their respective careers which also inspires a lot of Filipino people. They are a lot of them who succeeded in life and achieved their goals not just for their own self but for their families and loved ones as well. But the story of this lesbian turned into a beautiful lady really amazed by a lot of people.

She is Mariel “Yella” Jansen-Borja. She revealed that she has been a lesbian or “tomboy” before from the way she looks, she acts, and even in the way she dressed. She also sports very short hair at that time until she met someone who will transform her into a beautiful and lovely lady again. Her husband, Jaycee Yap-Borja, hilariously shared one of the most unforgettable memory he had with her beautiful wife. He said that it was when he saw Yella going into the restroom walking with angst just like the late Action King Fernando Poe Jr.

On the other hand, Yella said that she really is a lesbian before she met her husband. She also remembered one of her conversations with her closest friend saying that she wanted to take hormonal pills to make it to the next level of her transformation as she already had her hair short at that time. Jaycee commented that it was not a very hard decision for him to court Yella because even though she is a lesbian he still respects her gender preference and didn’t judge her so easily.
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