Good Samaritan Washes Off Ashfall of Passing Vehicles Windshield

News about the phreatic  the Taal volcano shocked a lot of people .  Mt. Taal is considered as a complex volcano situated at Luzon island of the Philippines. It may be the world’s smallest volcano but it is also the second most active volcano in the country with 34 historical eruptions. All of these eruptions are concentrated on Volcano Island, an island near the middle of Taal Lake.

A number of netizens shared photos of the Taal Volcano spewing ashes and it really alarmed a lot of people, not just in the nearby barangays but in some provinces near the Taal Volcano as well. The public was surprised to know about this good Samaritan who helped out those people who are affected by the volcanic ashes. He earned praise from the netizens because of his good deed. The man was later known as Rogelio “Roger” Villa who hails from Tanauan City, Batangas. On the viral post of his wife, he was wearing a baseball cap, a face mask, and a water hose as he was spraying water to the passing cars which immediately wipe off all the volcanic ashes in their windshields.

The said post already garnered more than 34,000 likes and 19,000 shares online as of this writing. The public praised him for having such an initiative in helping out other people in the most helpful way he can. True enough that not all heroes wear capes because this man is indeed on the heroes we all admire during this kind of difficult situation. May this serve as a great inspiration to other people who also have what it takes to help other people and to somehow extend their hands to those affected people especially the children, elderly ones, pregnant, and disabled individuals.

May we continue to pray for each other and to have strong faith despite all the things that we are experiencing right now here in the Philippines and even abroad. And we must not also forget that we can overcome those kinds of calamities as long as we are united and helping each other to stand once again.
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