Heroes of Taal's Sudden Eruption Surfaces Online

Yes, not all heroes wear capes. And this post will surely prove that we don’t need to wear capes to be a hero. In a simple act or gesture, we can help those people who are in need. The following are some of the recorded stories of good Samaritans who genuinely lend their hand to the people who got affected by the Taal’s sudden eruption.

The first one is the M.Castillo Eatery, as posted in the social media, they gave a free food for the evacuees.
Next is the Good Samaritan in Tanuan City Batanggas, he voluntarily washed cars’ windshield that is covered by ashes from Taal Volcano.

Another one is this Angkas driver, A facebook user named Wil Zeb posted in her FB a photo of a Angkas Rider who is giving away free mask for all.

In Cavite, a man stood out of the street with a pressure washer and freely washed down people’s windshield.

Meanwhile, SM Super Malls located in Batanggas , Metro Manila, Laguna And Cavite waived their overnight parking charges  to help those who are traveling and keep them from the ashfalls. In any Robinson located in area affected by the Ashfall, They provided a free overnight parking and a free wifi connection.

To help those customer’s vehicle from ashfall’s and internet, Ayala Malls in Metro Manila and.
Calabarzon also waived their overnight parking and give a free wifi.

Also in Cavite, despite the sudden price hike of mask . A good Samaritan was seen giving Free Mask for everyone.

The last one  is the masked hero, despite his disabilty, he still gives free mask on the street.

We know that there are still more heroes, we may not able to include every one of them. But we will give them our thank you’s. We truly appreciated all of them. We still, and will always have faith in humanity. Keep safe everyone
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