Hidden Meaning of Nadine Lustre's IG Post " PUTING KABAYO" Trends in Socmed

The social media community and the million fans and supporters of JaDine loveteam were very much heartbroken and devastated to know about the couple’s break-up confirmation in a live episode of “Tonight With Boy Abunda”. According to their joint statement, they are both confirming the issue regarding their break-up but it was never about the issues spreading online because it was their mutual decision after their quite and mature conversation. They also explained that they are still young and they still wanted to do a lot of things for themselves. Despite what happened they will remain to be grateful for their fans and supporters who never leave them no matter what.

A lot of netizens express their heartbreaks on their respective social media posts in the past few days. James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love team is one of the most admired and most followed love teams in the Kapamilya network. Many of their supporters get inspired about their reel to a real-life love story. Their fans and supporters were hoping that their beautiful love story will be forever. Sadly, it was not.

Netizens also noticed the Kapamilya actress’s post recently on her Instagram account where she shared a photo of a white horse. Many people were confused about the meaning behind it and her reasons why she posted the photo. Some netizens commented that maybe Nadine’s photo of a white horse was about Taylor Swift’s song entitled “White Horse”. According to some netizens, the song was all about a young woman who really fell in love with a guy who just takes her for granted so easily. Just like the way Nadine was feeling about what happened to them.
There were rumors spreading that Issa Pressman, Yassie Pressman’s sister was the reason behind the break-up of James and Nadine. But all of those rumors were denied by Nadine and Yassie Pressman herself. Whatever the reason it may be, every single JaDine fans are hoping for the best not just for Nadine but for James as well. The Kapamilya actor will be having an upcoming project together with Nancy Mcdonie of Momoland.

Hidden Meaning of Nadine Lustre's IG Post " PUTING KABAYO" Trends in Socmed Hidden Meaning of Nadine Lustre's IG Post " PUTING KABAYO"  Trends in Socmed Reviewed by Boom on 7:01 PM Rating: 5


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