Ivana Alawi Lie Detector Vlog , Netizens Noticed Something Dark

Even though she was just a beginner in vlogging, she already gained a million followers on her YouTube channel and other social media accounts. On her latest vlog entitled “Lie Detector Challenge”, a lot of netizens noticed that the Kapamilya actress’ underarm seems to be dark. At first, the comment section of Ivana’s video was disabled but later it was turned on. And as many of her followers commented about her dark underarm, she posted a photo on her Instagram account flaunting her white and flawless underarm. Some of her fans also defended her because our underarm tend to be dark especially when there was no light on the area.

True enough that many of us noticed a lot of imperfections of the people around us. It can be about our closest friend, family member or even the most famous celebrity we knew. We may not be so sure about those negative rumors but in just one glance or with just the opinion of the public, we tend to believe them even if we really don’t know the truth about such things. That is why, next time we talk negatively about other people or even to the famous celebrities in the show business industry, we should always think so many times if its true or not. And if it was proven true, we should not be the ones to spread such bad rumors to other people.

 Mariam Al-Alawi, professionally known as Ivana Alawi is a 23-year-old actress, social media influencer, vlogger, and model. She is a half-Filipino, and half-Arabia, who lived in Bahrain with her father. She had her first Kapamilya drama project in the afternoon drama “Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi”, playing the role of Rina, the gorgeous friend of Mich, portrayed by the Kapamilya actress, Barbie Imperial.

She was also given an opportunity to be part of the “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsiyano” as she played the role of late Eddie Garcia’s lover known as Madonna. She has also portrayed in 2019 Philippine drama television series “Sino ang Maysala?: Mea Culpa” starring the award-winning actress Jodi Sta. Maria, Bela Padilla, Ketchup Eusebio, Tony Labrusca, Kit Thompson, and Sandino Martin.
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