Mich of JAMICH Reveals Shes "Buntis" in Her Tala Dance Video

Sarah Geronimo’s song Tala has been one of the greatest dance hits today. Social media was taken abuzz by the amazing dance steps of Tala. A lot of netizens share their own versions of the dance challenge as well as some famous celebrities. It was just recently when a social media influencer and famous vlogger dance in the Tala beat and it is no other than the blooming soon-to-be mother, Mich Liggayu.

Mich Liggayu or the other half of the popular JaMich loveteam is Paolinne Michelle Liggayu in real life. She was one half of the YouTube duo JamichTV, a channel created in 2011 with over 1 million subscribers, together with her boyfriend Jam Sebastian. She and Jam created their YouTube channel in 2011 and rose to fame as one of the country's favorite couples when they posted their first video "By Chance."

A lot of their beloved fans and supporters were surprised to saw the viral video of Mich together with another man who was said to be her fiance according to some reports. The viral video was speculated to be the “save the date” video of the couple for their wedding day. After this event, another video of her went viral online as she shows off her dancing skills once again as she surprises everyone with her “Tala” dance moves even if she is already pregnant and her tummy is already noticeable.

It garnered a lot of comments and reactions from people especially to the JaMich fans as well. Many of them are very happy that she is now finally moving on from her sad and heartbreaking experiences in the past as soon as her ex-boyfriend Jam Sebastian was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and passes away after getting his treatment.

It was really a heartbreaking experience for her as many people witness their great love and utmost care for each other before Jam passed away. And now that she will be a mother soon, she will definitely be happier in her life and somehow replace all her pain and tears with so much laughter and unconditional love for her coming blessing.
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