New Teacher Rips Pants on Her Way To her Oath Taking, Taxi Driver Saves The Day

It was really not so nice to experience an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction especially when you are to attend a very special event like an oath-taking ceremony. This new teacher was on her way for her oath-taking ceremony when her pants ripped off! It could really be a big problem for her but this taxi driver saved her. Much more than that, he was also very humble for what he did and he didn’t even give his real name but a codename instead.

The new teacher was later known as Novie Joy Balete Venteroso who was on her way to the oath-taking ceremony for newly licensed professional teachers at the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC) in Iloilo City. She didn’t notice that she had a huge rip on her pants until she rode a taxi going in the venue at 7:30 AM and their call time was 8:00 AM. She will definitely be late when she heads back to their home to change her pants. The tailor shops at that time were still close because it is an early Sunday morning. The driver suggested for them to buy a needle and a thread at the market but her hands were shaking very badly and she really felt like crying at the moment. She requested the driver to buy glue for her pants and he hurriedly buys some. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Because of what happened, the driver told her that he knows how to sue and he can do that for her. He even offered her his extra shirt to cover her as he was sewing her pants. After his good deed, she asked for his name but he only told her his codename “Magic”. He also allowed her to take a side-view photo of him because he was too shy for her to take a photo of him. But the gentleman and the helpful driver was later identified as Remy Surita Jr. of Light of Glory Taxi Services. A lot of netizens also commended the taxi driver for what he has done for the new teacher even if he doesn’t really know her.
New Teacher Rips Pants on Her Way To her Oath Taking, Taxi Driver Saves The Day New Teacher Rips Pants on Her Way To her Oath Taking, Taxi Driver Saves The Day Reviewed by Boom on 12:53 AM Rating: 5


  1. Saludo ako sayo mamang driver, napakaBAIT mo kuya.

  2. wow Godbless sana marami pang katulad mu kuya

  3. sana all. godbless po kuya.. kung ung iba mamanyakin na yan si ate. pero kayo po proud ako sa inyo. salute manong...