Raffy Tulfo Napasayaw Sa Chambe Chambe Dance ni Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga a famous host, singer, actress, comedian, vlogger, and author. She is admired by many Filipinos for being so bubbly and happy despite the fact that she is already a famous personality in the show business industry. It was just recently when Alex G. invades Raffy Tulfo’s home and it garnered an enormous number of comments and reactions from the netizens.

On the viral video, Alex visited Raffy‘s home and had a sumptuous meal with him, but before that, they already had a video together as Raffy went to grocery shopping for one of their famous program’s complainants. It also elicited countless comments and reactions from the netizens as the video spreads laughter and good vibes to people. After their grocery shopping, Alex visited his home where they had a great meal but their delectable dine was also filled with laughter and “kulitan”. Raffy also revealed that Saturdays are his cheat day for he was allowed to eat whatever food he wanted but from Mondays to Fridays he needed to follow a strict diet.

The famous journalist and broadcaster had also shared his luxurious collections of several shoes, clothes, and neckties. He also has his very own gym equipment at home. Alex was very amazed to see the number of expensive shoes he has! And all the branded clothes and neckties he had in his collection. Alex even gave Raffy her gift since he is a certified shoe lover and collector. She had given him a pair of shoes that changes its color from time to time just like colorful Christmas lights. Raffy was surprised to see such a pair of shoes and he even tried those shoes on. But unfortunately, his feet were very big for the shoes and he just decided to take it off for it was really painful already.

Their video together already earned more than 456,000 views while their first video together entitled “Grocery With Idol” already had more than 6.2 million views in just 6 days. A lot of netizens could not help but commend both of them for having such an amazing video collaboration together. A lot of people laugh and felt happy all throughout their video and they were still asking for more.
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