Sister Ni Ella Cruz, Agaw Pansin Sa Social Media.

Filipino families are usually closed to each other. We are known for our closed family ties. No wonder that many Filipino children grew up together with their other siblings. It makes them a lot more responsible, sensitive, and mature growing up. But sometimes, a lot of people also put so much pressure towards siblings, most of them compare one to another which causes jealousy and insecurities towards them. Good thing that Ella Cruz and her siblings didn’t mind those kinds of things as they grow up, as they are very loving and supportive of each other.

Ella Cruz’s real name is Gabriela Annjane Umali Cruz. She is a 23-year-old actress, product endorser, host, commercial model, promotional model, a famous dancer, and a social media influencer. She is admired not just for her beautiful face but because of her admirable talents in acting and in dancing as well. It was just recently when a lot of netizens noticed her equally beautiful elder sister, Tricia Cruz. She has her own YouTube channel, “Tricia Cruz” where she features all her travel vlogs, online gaming, fashion, and many other things about her lifestyle. People couldn’t help but notice that she really looks like Ella and that she can also be a future celebrity someday.

Ella, together with her parents, and her three other siblings seems to remain private about their family’s information but what most interesting about their family is the fact that they are so much supportive and very loving to each other. In one of Ella’s interviews in the Kapamilya morning show, “Magandang Buhay” together with her elder sister, Tricia, they had revealed that they are open with each other most especially when it is about their love life.

Their bond as sisters were admired by the public and serves to be a great inspiration to many other people especially to younger generations nowadays. Even though Ella is a popular celebrity, it never stops her from being a responsible daughter and a loving sister to her siblings. True enough that even though you already have the money, fame, power and any other material things in this world, the family will always be there for us no matter what happens.
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