Tala Dance Video ni Ella Cruz , Dinagsa ng Maraming Komento

Ella Cruz is Gabriela Annjane Umali Cruz in real life. She is a 23-year-old actress, product endorser, host, commercial & promotional model, and dancer. She is popularly known by the public as the  actress who portrayed as “Aryana” in the 2012 fantasy drama series of the same name.

After what happened, she shared a video of her Tala Dance Challenge last January 2 at 3:32 pm on her social media account. It elicited a lot of positive reactions and comments from the public. Ella is wearing a very simple white loose top and denim shorts as she dances into the beat of Sarah Geronimo’s most trending songs today, Tala which was released more than four years ago.

The hit song of the 31-year-old “Popstar Princess" and "Asia's Popstar Royalty” made every Filipino groove and dance with its amazing music and tempting dance steps. No wonder that a lot of Filipinos have their own version of this dance craze. Netizens and even famous celebrities and personalities could not help but show their admirable dance moves to everyone.

Ella Cruz’s version of the said dance  garnered countless comments and reactions from netizens. There are a lot of people who commended her and praise her for being so talented not just in acting, singing, but even in dancing. There were also some people who idolize her for doing very great at dancing. She is not just a beautiful and gorgeous young woman but she really has the talent that many other people are envious about.

She seems to be very happy with what she is doing and that is really admirable of her. She is a really great talent and a very inspirational one. Who would have thought that she will blossom into a stunning and lovely woman? No doubt why she has over a million of fans and supporters all over the country.
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