Vendor Who Reads Bible Became an Inspiration Online

Life may be easy for some people but it can really be very difficult for some of us. Struggles and difficulties in life will always be there to make us stronger. Most of us believe that comfort and convenience in life are all about money and power. But little did we know that those things are worthless without God. You can never feel safe and secured if you didn’t have Him in your heart. Unless you have God in you, you can withstand every single storm in your life. True enough that we are all nothing when we do not have that “faith” in God.

It was just recently when this street vendor touched a lot of hearts for doing such a great act of faith and having that close relationship to God. A certain netizen named Luren C. Padinas shared online a photo of this street vendor as he silently reads the bible during his free time.

The vendor was selling candies inside an establishment and a lot of passersby would often see him taking his time to read the bible. A lot of netizens were amazed and surprised to see the street vendor reading the bible when he doesn’t have a customer. They couldn’t help but admire this man who may look poor as he was just selling candies but he looks a lot richer and blessed than anybody else in the place. The viral post garnered countless comments and reactions from people. Some netizens commented that they are all inspired by the street vendor to render some of their free time reading the bible. Some even promised that from now on they will be spending more of their time following God’s words.

t was indeed true that people can still feel rich and wealthy even if they do not have all the money in the world. By just simply having that faith and love through Christ is one of the best things you can ever have in this lifetime. Just never ever forget to talk to Him, to pray for Him, and all those overflowing blessings will be added unto you.
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