Coca Cola GIrls " Ito Ang Beat Sabay Sabay" Commercial . Where Are They Now?

You would definitely remember these two beautiful ladies who were known because of their iconic Coke Beat commercial. As a matter of fact, it also became a contest in the ABS-CBN show, Magandang Tanghali Bayan. The phenomenal jingle became a very popular hit in every Filipino household and it was also known in many places in the country. But after all those years, where could they possibly be today? Are they married? Do they already have children? Let’s find out what happened to Cathy and Chal after their successful stint in this iconic coke commercial.

One of them is Cathy Bordalba-Eigenmann, she is the wife of a veteran actor and host Ryan Eigenmann. She was also a news anchor of IBC 13 back then. She is now a fulltime mom to her three lovely and adorable kids namely Catalina, Ruisito, and Rocio. They also had a family vlogging channel on YouTube entitled “Eigen 5”.

Charlene Chang Lontoc-Del Rosario was the other half of the Coke Beat Girls. She married Vicente Rafael Del Rosario IV, the youngest child of the VIVA Group of Companies founder named Vic del Rosario. Chang’s husband is the owner of the “Viva International Food and Restaurants, Inc.”. The said company has several local and internationally famous restaurants including “Paper Hoon”, “Wing Zone”, “Yogorino”, and “Pepi Cubano”. Chang is the CEO d the multi-awarded travel agency, “JERON Travel and Tours Corp.”. She became part of “Wow, Maling-mali” back in 2005. She is a member of SPIN or the Silly People’s Improv Theatre” until now.

Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to do what she loved to do and that is events hosting alongside her several businesses. She loves hosting events specifically when it is about entrepreneurship. She is also a mom to her two wonderful children. It was back in 2017 when they had a reenactment video of their iconic Coke commercial and many people really had a trip down memory lane!

True enough that time has been passing so fast in front of us. Somethings can be forgotten in just a day but these kinds of things which also have something to do with our amazing childhood or teenage days will always remain to be special even after so many years.
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