The Truth About the Jadine Breakup

JaDine love team has been one of the most loved and admired love teams of every Filipino fans. They garnered a million fans and supporters all over the world because they are not just an on-screen love team but they are also a real-life couple. The real-life couple started to make their fans “kilig” back in their very first project entitled “Diary ng Panget”.

They were also dubbed as the “Team Real” for expressing themselves on and off the camera the way they wanted it to be and not just because of their scripts or any marketing. Unfortunately, their million fans and supporters were saddened by the news that they finally decided to broke up and have their separate ways. If they didn’t break up, they should have been on their 4th year of being in a romantic relationship this coming February 11, 2020.

Their love team, as well as their relationship, has been very controversial in the past few years as they had also admitted that they have been living together in one roof. Even after they had their joint statement in “Tonight With Boy Abunda” confirming their split, a lot of people still hope that they would still be getting back together soon as they had already so many great memories together and a lot more memories to create together.

As a matter of fact, there has been a series of photos circulating on different social media platforms where James and Nadine were seen having some quality time together in some public places. They even had a photo together with their friends as they climbed Mt. Ulap. They may be in a difficult situation right now but the perfect time will definitely come when they can finally say that they can still get back together or they would just have to go in their separate ways.

It only goes to show that it was true that the most permanent thing in this world is “change”. We can never be sure about something or anything because somewhere along the road so many things can still happen and so many changes can still be possible.
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