Husband Massage Tired Wife's Feet Video Goes Viral

Finding the right and perfect person for you was never easy. It would require you a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of emotions you had invest in the wrong person. But when you finally got to meet that very special person in your life, you would end up very blessed to enjoy every single moment of your life with him or her. Just like how lucky this pregnant woman was, as her husband was never afraid to show to everyone how much he cares for her and how much he loves him. The photo of this man together with his wife immediately went viral online. The Facebook page, Boiling Waters was the one who shared the admirable video of the couple.

The said viral photo seems to have taken in any LRT/MRT station somewhere in Metro Manila. The husband seems to be on a squat position on the floor as he massages the tired feet of his pregnant wife. This may be a very simple thing to some people as they may think that the wife was not really tired at all and was just pretending. But the video shows that the pregnant wife was obviously on her third trimester which means that the baby in her tummy has already grown bigger that is why she finds it really hard to walk and even to stand for a long time. It is also because their legs were greatly affected by the baby’s weight inside their tummy.

A lot of netizens, especially a lot of mothers and wives are very envious to the pregnant wife as her husband didn’t hesitate to massage her feet in public just to make her a little bit comfortable. The husband did such a thing as he was looking at his wife with a smiling and loving face. The viral video of this inspiring couple garnered an enormous number of comments, reactions, and shares from the netizens. It was such a blessing to find someone who will take good care of you and who will love you unconditionally. Our spouse is one of the amazing gifts we could ever receive from above.
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