Ivana Alawi's Journey Before Entering Showbiz "HINDI NAGING MADALI"

It was never easy to enter show business industry so it is to achieve your dream even though a lot of things seem not to fall in their proper places yet. But you still have to wait for the perfect time when your dreams will finally come true. Just like Ivana Alawi’s inspirational story. In her YouTube account with over 4 million subscribers already, she shared with her million fans and supporters how she had really started in her show business career.

She walks down on memory lanes as she remembers all the experiences she has been through which makes her be a better person now. She said that she started doing some go-sees and VTRs back then as her childhood dream is to be an actress someday. But in all of those go-sees and VTRs, she was rejected. She had also tried commercials but again it was not for her. Despite all of those rejections, her family, most especially her mother didn’t give up on her and on her dream even though she was already giving up that time.

She once again tried to audition for a reality talent competition but she was the second contestant to be eliminated by that time. She admitted that she doesn’t really have a talent at that time and her self-confidence is also very little. But in spite of that, she still pursued her dream of becoming an actress. But after what happened to her that time, she already accepted that show business industry was never for her. She told her mother that she change her life goals already and that she chose on being an amazing wife for her future husband and she wanted to take care of her children, a dozen to be exact! And that is also the reason why she studied culinary arts.

But when her mother told her that she might have ended up being cheated by a man, she changed her plans again and decided to pursue a fashion marketing course and have her own business as well. Little did she knew that her mother did a lot of things at her back just to be able to let her achieve her dream of becoming an actress. And after all of their experiences, all of the rejections they both went through, she is now having her newest teleserye in ABS-CBN which is a much-awaited project for her.
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